Yes, Prime Minister photoshoot

We were fortunate enough to get exclusive access to Chartwell’s, the much loved family home of Sir Winston Churchill for our Yes Prime Minister PR photoshoot.

Our changing room for the day was his Uniform Room (very fitting) which had an array of stunning pieces including; The “Siren Suit” made in velvet for Churchill and worn during the Second World War, with a ten-gallon hat and slippers. The robes of the Chancellor of Bristol University worn from 1929 until his death and his Garter robes.

Our photographer for the day was the lovely Olly Hearsey from Lion Works Studio who after a quick run through of what we could and couldn’t touch made the cast and crew feel instantly at ease. Our location (the study) remains much as it did when Churchill lived there, with personal mementos, his paintings and art adorning the walls evoking his career and wide-range of interests. The main focal point and our backdrop for the day was his library of books, there were even a few of his childhood toys nestled in amoungst them.

Sir Humphrey Appleby: Steve Scott
Jim Hacker: Justin Hayward
Claire Sutton: Holly Lindfield
Bernard Woolley: Dave Brinson

Can’t wait to share the final images.

MUA: Holly Lindfield
Styling: Zoe Van Spyk