Maritime Maudie – Lucy’s Magazine

Lucy's Magazine 1

Taking inspiration from both the high seas and the high street, photographer Gareth Gregg, Zoe Van Spyk and WE ARE WATER collaborated on a series of looks, celebrating vintage nautical chic vibes and modernist style sensibilities. Using gentle silhouettes that seem to ebb and flow like the tide, coupled with the familiarity of leisurewear staples, the shoot echoed both the classic and the contemporary. Statement nautical prints marry with bold stripes, appliqué flags and marina soiree knits to bring both a timeless class and youthful playfulness. The use of the stark indoor space and minimal set dressing allows the statement colours to find their own space within the shots, at times almost creating  a horizon line through the use of fashion.

Lucy's Magazine 2The use of an aquatic palette, particularly towards the bottom of frame, adds a sense of the seas, the subject mirroring the subject matter and concept.


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